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Helped achieve $1M in revenue


Toolr aims to transform the way 80% of the global workforce works. These workers are known as "deskless," because they don't perform their work from behind a desk, they're in the field. Toolr makes it easy for companies that suffer from outdated and manual processes to easily collect data and report on their workforce.

  • Toolr is downloaded by nearly 1,000 new businesses a month

  • They have over 1,100 active paying customers

  • Since undergoing the pricing strategy and product updates from the Launchpad Program, Toolr has hit a $1M revenue milestone, and hired three more exceptional leaders and employees.


Toolr needed to increase its cashflow to be able to keep the lights on. The company wasn't growing and could barely afford a single developer.

  • Toolr only had one plan to offer customers, $10/mo

  • They didn't have a strong App Store Optimization strategy, but were leveraging the App Store as the sole marketing channel.

  • There wasn't a mechanism to survey customers and gather feedback.

  • Survey customers to gain insight into what they valued relative to Toolr

  • Changed the business model and added another price tier

  • Optimized marketing to increase free-trial traffic to take advantage of the new insights


Pricing Strategy, Design, Web Development, Mobile Development


Toolr was able to increase the revenue of their app by 512% to achieve over $41K in MRR, grow their team, and hit the $1M in revenue milestone.

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