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We've helped create 100's of app business and distilled much of the process into this App Research Guide - for free! 

What you can expect from the App Research Guide:

Pg. 3 - Monetization: how to make money with your app idea
Pg. 4 - Industry Insights: what it takes to make your app idea
Pg. 5 - How we can help you bring your app idea to fruition
Pg. 6 - Overview of the Viability Report categories
Pg. 7 - Overview of the Viability Report data sources
Pg. 8 - Your App Viability Score and analysis summary
Pg. 9 - Your app’s total market competitor landscape
Pg. 10 - Your app’s top three market competitors
Pg. 11 - Visibility: your app’s chances of being found
Pg. 12 - Localization: your app’s chances of globalizing
Pg. 13 - Downloads: your app’s download potential
Pg. 14 - Revenue: your app’s revenue potential
Pg. 15 - Your next steps to get started

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App Influence is like an external CTO, technology entrepreneur, and business partner all in one. They supercharged my app idea and turned it into a technology platform that has generated seven figures. They understand how to make an app business that lasts. 


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